Duke & Duchess of Edinburgh

Four couples men in one line facing lady partner

Couples 1,2 & 3 Holds hands forward and back clap turn partners (2Hand)

1st couple Bollards around couples 2 & 3 own sides

Tea pots of 3, once round, right handed (1st lady with 2nd couple 1st man with 3rd couple)

1st couple change places 1st lady down to the 3rd couple as 1st man passes up to the 2nd couple

Tea pots of 3 once round left handed

Leading couple then turn corners (RH crossed forearm) (MEN GO DOWN LADIES GO UP)

Leading couple then turn 3/4 (LH) in the middle

Leading couple then turn opposite corners (RH) 1st lady/man ending up between lady/man 2 and 3

Circle (4 traveling steps) to the left and then back

1st couple repeat once more then step down to the end of their set allowing couple 2 to start with couples 3 and 4

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